We are happy to announce the release of the following Booklets on Saturday 10th August 2019:

1.     Navakriti Manjari (Set of 20 kritis – including 1 Dasharaagamaalika kriti and 1 Navagrahastuti raagamaalika -  of Late Vid. C.S. Sreenivasa Murthy) – 54 pages


2.     Naada Sopana ( Set of 8 geetes, 7 swarajathis and 11 varnas including 1 Navaraagamaalika varna composed by Smt Vidushi Swarnalatha Viswanath) – 50 pages




Jnanashri  was a concept born over 27 years ago when Smt Swarnalatha Vishwanath visualized the need for  preserving the some aspects of our glorious cultural traditions in our younger generation.  Accordingly, "Jnanashri Vidyalaya" started teaching Carnatic Music to children and also took up activities of popularising Sanskrit by conducting Sanskrit classes.

Jnanashri regularly conducts mass concerts on the Purandara Dasa kritis on the lines of the annual Thiruvayoor festival.

Swarnalatha Vishwanath has also been interested in rendering the traditional songs which are  sung on occasions such as festivals, marriages etc. These are often classified under "Shista Janapada Sahitya". These imbibe a rich tradition of traditional compositions some of which are passed on from generation to generation like "Janapada Kritis".

Picked up  from her grand mother and through her own research and support from friends and students,  Swarnalatha has now embarked upon a grand project of reviving interest in Sampradaya Krithis through a series of albums to be released. Since "Utsava Sampradaya Krithis" covering similar songs sung in temples are already well known, Swarnalatha has now focused on other krithis sung during social functions.

The first in this series of albums is the "Sampradaya Gana comprising of a set of two CDs with 36 songs sung on various occasions of a traditional South Indian Marriage. All the songs are in Kannada. Similar CDs are also planned on Sampradaya Krithis sung on other occasions such as Sishu Janana,(Birth of a Child),  Naamkarana (Naming Ceremony) ,Upanayana (Thread Ceremony) etc in an endeavour to preserve and  foster traditional music.

In her endeavour, Swarnalatha is supported by an enthusiastic group which has emerged now as "Janashri Vrinda". The group is a regular participant in religious occasions for chanting Soundarya Lahiri, Lalitha Sahasranama and such other devotional singing.

Key Events in the past -

Archives :Release function of CD "Sampradaaya Gaana Kalyaana" , Naadopasakara Smarane January 2008