Text Box: Upcoming  Event
Sunday Aug 24th 2008
Oval: A new Set of 3 CDs
which cover
the Sampradaaya Gaana 
starting from Shishu Janana till Upanayana
Rounded Rectangle: A booklet is also being released by Smt. Swarnalatha Vishwanath on this same day. This book gives an insight into the importance and greatness of our festivals. The book depicts the importance, method of performing and all the details connected with each of the festivals. Common details connected to most of the festivities have been subtly narrated. 

Also the book enumerates the steps to be followed which are common to all festivals and at the same time highlights  the additional or special steps or tips needed, depending on the festival concerned.

For the future generation and for those who wish to follow the righteous path, the booklet is worth possessing and needs to be referred to by every Hindu family with special reference to Brahmins.