Conducting Carnatic Classical Music classes:

Jnanashri  has been active in conducting music classes preparing students for all music examinations such as Junior, Senior and Vidwat.

So far approximately 25 students have cleared Junior & Senior exams with distinction. The success rate so far is 100%.

So far 3 students are under preparation for Vidwat and one student (Smt.Jyothi D Rao) has cleared the Vidwat exam in first class.

"Nadopasakara Smarane" is an annual activity of Jnanashri to offer respects to the greatest Vaggeyakaras & Dasa shresthaas of Carnatic music namely Tyagaraja, Shyama Shastri, Muttuswamy Deekshitar, Purandara Dasa, Kanaka Dasa and others. All the students will get a chance to perform on the stage, during this occassion. This is an endeavour to foster and encourage them for future achievements.


Conducting Devaranaama classes:


Jnanshri conducts Devaranaama classes to housewives who have a lot of interest in music however having no formal music background. So far approximately 20 "grihinis" have made this attempt- a success. The troupe has so far rendered more than 35 stage performances.

Sampradaaya Gaana-Kalyaana, CD set, is also one of the achievements of this troupe.

This is a set of 2 CDs of  "Sampradaaya songs" sung normally, in social family functions. The set consists of 36 songs, sung normally in Indian Hindu Brahmin marriages.

This will be followed by other CDs in the series, covering songs sung on other social occasions such as Birth Ceremony, Naming Ceremony, Thread Ceremony etc.


Conducting Sanskrit sloka classes:


Jnanashri conducts these classes which cover Vishnusahasranama, Lalithasahasranama, Soundarya Lahari and other divine slokas.

Jnanshri was a kendra for the Soundarya Lahari Vaibhava, conducted in the year 2007 January, under the holy guidance of His Holiness Shri Shri Shankara Bharati Swamiji of Vedanta Bharathi.

Team Jnanashri rendered Soundarya Lahari during this mass recitation, at the Palace Grounds Banaglore, on January 28th 2007.

Jnanashri also conducts Sanskrit classes for Children and elders.