About the CD

(sampradaaya gaana-kalyaana)

Marriage is one of the sixteen tradition called ‘Shodasha Samskara’ which is an auspicious tradition followed by all Hindus.  Of the four Ashramas, the Grihasthashrama, the second in order, is considered as an important phase in one’s life because it acts as a main pillar for the other three ashramas i.e. the Brahmacharya, Vanaprasta and Sanyasa.

 Marriage is a happy union of two souls basically which also extends to the union of two different families i.e. of the bride and the groom.  On the wedding day the bride as per the Hindu Mythology/Culture is looked upon as Goddess Lakshmi and the groom as Srimannarayan.  The parents perform all the rituals keeping in their mind that they are pleasing the God and the Goddess indirectly.

 The various customs and rituals followed by the parents and the other family members will be helping the young couple understand each other who are on the threshold of their new life.  So, wishing them all the happiness and stability in their future life, elderly people bless them through Mantras and traditional songs relevant to the situations.  Accordingly there are as many mantras and songs like for inviting the bride and the groom to the dias, varapooja Kashiyatra, Dhara muhurtham, Mangalya Dharana, Sapthapadi, Urutane, Aarathi etc.

In this CD -Sampradaya Gana- Kalyana, Jnanashri presents  some traditional songs which are sung during the marriage function of Brahmin community.  The same type of songs are known in other states and communities also.  The songs that are presented in this CD are in Kannada which have been passed on through generations over hundreds of years.  They were sung by the elder ladies of the society.  They have enriched our heritage by their beautiful lyrics, ragas and rhythm.  They have become the part and parcel of the Indian culture and listed as the Shista Janapada Sangeetha.  These songs were the treasures of our mother and grandmother.  To show our gratitude to those sacred souls, we are presenting these beautiful songs to our next generation. 

Highlights of such practices are the "Sampradaya Gana-Kalyana", the songs sung by those who assemble at the marriage. These songs are set for different activities and render meaning to the rituals.

The CD Sampradaya Gana-Kalyana captures many such songs that explain the several ceremonic situations. Though this CD consists of songs in Kannada only, similar traditions can be traced in other Indian cultures such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati etc.

At present, the present day younger generation is strongly influenced by the Western Culture confusing their mind in regard to following our own.  It is the responsibility of the elders of the society to do everything possible to preserve our ancient culture and tradition.  In this direction, it is Jnanashri's endeavour to reach the people at large through these songs hoping that our children and grand-children would make an attempt to follow the Sampradaaya and Sadaachara thereby they are blessed by the Mother Goddess Lalitha.

Production Team:


Vidushi Swarnalatha Vishwanath

Smt Annapurna Shrihari, Pushpa Venkat Ram,
Suma Vishwadatta, Suma Bhagavat,
Veena Venkatesh, Uma Krishnamurthy,
Gayatri Shekhar, Kamakshi Ashwath Narayan,
Satyavalli Gundanna, Bharathi Thriyambaka
Sita Prakash Kanade, Girija Taranath,
Smitha Mahesh, Aruna Srikanta

Instrumental Assistance: V.L Ashwath (Key Board), Tabla: Naani, Flute: Mahesh

Conceptualization, Song Selection, Music: Swarnalatha Vishwanath.

Presentation: Smt Ranjani Niranjan


The Album of the following songs:

Kannada Titles

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Price for Foreign Countries: US $ 10 plus Postage (Send request by e-mail for a quote)

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CD 1

Track no Song Track no Song Track no Song Track no Song
1 Introduction 6 baarO karuNaanidhiyE 11 edurugoMDarU 16 muttinaarati ettirE
2 pUjisuvenu gaNapana 7 tailavanottidaru 12 hasegeddu baarelo 17 kshIraabdhikannike
3 suvvi raamachaMdra 8 parimaLadeNNeya 13 varana pUjeya 18 PUjisuvenu dEviyaa
4 gOdhi kallanikkidaru 9 bachchalamaneyoLage 14 aaratigaivE    
5 vanajaakShi ghanavENi 10 karimuKana oDagoMdu 15 iMdUmukhi    

CD 2

Track no Song Track no Song Track no Song Track no


1 umege aaratiya 6 dhaareyaneredaM 11 mahanIyanaada 16 emma maneyaMgaLadi
2 koDukoDu hUvanu 7 maaMgalyavane kaTTida 12 taruNi rukmiNi 17 baaramma taaye
3 maMgaLa gaurige 8 kuMkamadaarati 13 kOmalaaMgI 18 pati maMdiradalli
4 kaashi yaatrege 9 Odisidanu janaka 14 chenMDanaaDida 19 paalisali shrIhariyu
5 dhanuva muridu raama 10 kuDi baaLe elenhaaki 15 raavaNaaMtaka raamana 20  Summary



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